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Hoist RPL-5356 Hack Squat/Dead Lift/ Shrug

Features of Hack Squat: Naturally mimics the exercise motion of a traditional hack squat while offering a more supportive environment Adjustable back and seat pad helps to maintain a neutral spine during the exercise movement which results in...
R62,500 excl.

Hoist RPL-5363A Calf Raise

Lock-out automatically releases at the start of the exercise- Adjustable thigh pad to accommodate varying leg lengths Thigh pad automatically self-aligns to the user during exercise .....
R18,990 excl.

Hoist RPL-5403A Dual Action Leg Press

ROX™ Technology creates a dual action exercise movement that moves the user support and foot plate simultaneously Head and shoulder support adjusts to accommodate varying body sizes Easy to access lockout mechanism, automatically disengages at...
R71,990 excl.

Hoist RPL-5405 Standing Calf Raise

Angled foot plate rotates to focus the exercise movement on the ankle and calf muscles while creating more dorsiflexion which reduces excess stress tot he underside/ ball of the foot Adjustable shoulder support pads self-align to accommodate the...
R47,100 excl.

Hoist RPL-5501A Shoulder Press

Starts the exercise handles positioned in front of the body, then rocks rearward positioning the handles over head to mimc the natural movement of a dumbbell shoulder press Rocking movement aligns the user's arm with the midline of their torso t...
R47,100 excl.

Hoist RPL-5601 Roc-Abs

Seat pad can be locked in place or unlocked for pivoting movement Pivoting seat pad provides multiple abdominal exercises and results in greater activation of the core musculature Starts the body in an upright posture with exercise handles ove...
R35,990 excl.